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While searching for a list of synonyms, I rest my case: the dictionary doesn't hold the final say for every noun, adjective, the meaning of words or verbs. My writing style is far from being grammatically correct, is unruly and completely informal, but I stand by what I say. The thesaurus definition backs my reasoning:

a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and “related concepts.”

“Related concepts” Why? Etymologies follow the chronological beginning of a word or, an element of the word, continuing from one language to another in its evolutionary changes in form and meaning. Along the journey, things take some twists and turns.puppet by the string

A great number of nouns suffered numerous interpretations perpetuating etymology to morph into action definitions of words or synonyms that don't match their original root. Words are powerful weapons influencing a chain of cultural beliefs. Many have turned into extremely cruel traps. In a court of law, where the "unquestionable" proven truth is placed in the hands of a legal charlatan stating a case, many times justice is not served. No matter the value we place on important institutions, one cannot lose sight they exist based upon someone’ s interpretation or association with an intent.

We can’t ignore that human naughty subconscious works independently, retaining more than one would like to, making us measure its powers only when emotions build-up, forcing us to confront them.

When the world heard for the first time Covfefe it wasn’t only a laughing matter, a typo or a spelling case. It came from a deeper root. A group of professionals dared to warn us publicly about it, placing themselves on the line for patriotic reasons. But the minority doesn’t want to hear it because they have a specific agenda. One can say that covfefe is part of intent. The majority, instead of pushing back sooner, wasted time hoping to see how it will unfold. At this moment there is no conclusion in sight and time wasted represents a longer complex recovery. Neither we found out the real meaning of covfefe yet.

cartoon male hotdog and dancerIt reminded me of the time when I chose to learn German. I tried but later decided to leave it. It wasn’t because of Germany as a country or the Germans as people, but because of the raw Latin to deal with. I had enough with Latin in school, erasing it as a language, switching instead to anything Italian: hot-blooded good-looking Italians, shoes, opera, fashion, beauty, great pasta, pizza, Mama Mia and so on.

Did I question why in heaven’s sake German has anything to do with Latin or Italians? Okay, in the 20th century, the paradox was ideology. Again, who thinks of using etymology to associate the “Latin- lover” of the Italians with Mussolini when we think of Rudolph Valentino, Rossano Brazzi in the movie Three Coins in the Fountain or the Rome adventure? I mean home delivery of pizza is a staple in any small community across our country, something that has never happened to the hotdog!

No matter how many still label Italians as ignorant, Mafioso, screamers, many well-known mind-psychological-manipulators such as Bannon, is star struck with Mussolini. Not only for his genocide practices but for his fashionista style of the black uniform! Understandable, he seems to male in uniform cartoonhave women issues, ignoring that women have always known the power of the little black dress.

Black hides fat, distracts from wrinkles, adding an air of mystery, intrigue, conspiracy theories confusing blurred minds. On that note, Silvio Berlusconi is back . . . Maybe now I will connect back to the Romans and Latin as far as the era of Nero, Caligula, etc. I’m stuck on those creeps.

When we speak of Latin, we can't avoid history. After the Greeks, the Romans dominated the world for almost 1000 years and Latin is the major root in all the different languages across the western world. We use almost daily and verbatim. For ex:

lu·na·tic: a mentally ill person (not in technical use).an extremely foolish or eccentric person.
This one has the clearest list of synonyms I can think of: maniac, madman, madwoman, imbecile, psychopath, psychotic; More fool, idiot, eccentric; informalloony: nut, nutcase, nutjob, head case, psycho, moron, screwball, crackpot, fruitcake, fruit loop, loon.

As an adjective, lunatic delivers it too. Again, mentally ill, extremely foolish, eccentric, or absurd. Historically, it traveled well from Latin luna ‘moon’ (from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity). from Old French lunatique, from late Latin lunaticus to Middle English. One can say It maintained a valid association.

In the middle of my case with etymology, as I am a Photoshop user, while speaking with someone about its various manipulation techniques, curiosity hit me and I decided to chase the origin of:

manipulation: ma·nip·u·la·tion məˌnipyəˈlāSHən/ From Latin, manipulus ‘handful.’ Followed in the 18th century: from French as the action of manipulating something in a skillful manner.

Bingo! It was the beginning of its route toward insecurities. Clearly, a noun whose origin was to describe the performance of the hands as artisans, the caress of affection, a food magician, a pastry dough master of deserts . . . to end nuanced by the French toward a sophisticated upgrade: “handling humans from the mind.” The Covfefe fate!

Photoshop appropriated the noun to change visible realities to a fantasy, delivering an alternative image of one. If you are 70 years old, the program can make you look 20. Visually, the results are better than plastic surgery could ever do.

Psychological manipulation continues to be, in its various formats, the foundation of what we eat, dress, live, chose, vote, read, think, interact and, it’s legal. It’s based upon the concept that we are free to create any crap, package it and sell it for profit to all those who were manipulated into buying them. The pressure is also reinforced as an "acceptance" issue. If all your peers have it, you should also have it. Similar to Fraternity and Sorority clubs. Some die to join one.

The related concept for this noun from 18th century France is: scheme, deceptive, fear, terrorizing, evil, confusing. With social media you can add: dissing, shamming, trolling and so on.

All of them are usually dressed as NOUNS instead of VERBS in order to make people change their behavior. Scientific studies say that from the psychological point of view, people think about their self-identities when they hear nouns, while if they hear verbs they think of behavior Yeap, the German, with Latin, with Italians, Valentino, Rossano, Roman Holyday, and so on.

Manipulation is limitless. Your pet knows how to use it with perfection: you wear the leash while they take you for a walk. How can one resist those adoring eyes and bouncing tails?

Facebook, swears by the French version. Surprising is to hear well-educated people, not only caring less about the selective psychological manipulation of their content and their vision of reality but, also being manipulated as they are having fun using all the deceiving tools and not the noir behind it. a loaf of bread

I see their acceptance as if their brain has been stuffed inside a bag of white bleached flour, ready to be kneaded into a sandwich loaf, filled with preservatives to make it last 8 months out of the freezer, and ready to morph at any time into a bacon soaked in red nitrite and American cheese sandwich, for a quick lunch washed with diet Coke.

I’m curious to see how the treason factor behind the culprits of Cambridge Analytical, their billionaire financiers, Facebook, Tweeter, apart from the complicity of ideologue politicians, will eventually make the conscientiousness side of their brain to confront the virus inserted in their subconscious and, deal afterward with the consequence of denial. I guarantee they’ll have an epiphany when their Social Security and Medicare begin to be chopped as planned. Even 1% collects them monthly and faithfully because the 1% uses Medicare for sure.

My grandmother used to say to all her daughters not to check their husband's clothes for a trace of infidelity, objects or sniff them: " who search finds . . ." In my search for the root of manipulation I came across my own epiphany when I read the complete Latin sentence below and, was baffled by it:

Bella, mulier qui hominum allicit et accipit eos per fortis Translation:

War, a woman who lures men and takes them by force

Poster: Manipulation
eyes with glasses

At the moment, I’m still digesting it, breathing deeply to control myself. This one was captured by a clear conscience. I won’t need to wait until it surfaces as an implosion. One thing I can assure, I began to understand the root of women’s issues, as men have dominated the manipulation of history into reality.

Statistical studies have proven that women are the victims of the brutality by men during war and any time they want to show virility! Naturally, priory, they established a theorem in which women are inferior and were created by popping out of their back!

One wonders who were their mothers?

The “accusing- the-victim” theory, supported in high numbers by manipulated feminine minds, has been made clear for the first time indeed.

Stay tuned.

Critical thinking is not a choice, it's a basic and a necessary non-contingent-neutral-topic.